Learn About Pet Care in Henderson

We are always happy to offer advice and guidance on pet care at home in Henderson. See below to find out more about the many areas of pet care we cover, or call us today on 09 833 7794.

Skin masses on your pet

We can offer advice and diagnoses for skin masses on cats and dogs. Most skins masses are benign but it’s important to get them checked out by a veterinary professional.

Your new Puppy or Kitten

We can offer expert advice and guidance on care for your new puppy or kitten, including everything from flea control to vaccinations, worm control to desexing.

Adult Pet Care

We can take care of routine checks and procedures for your health adult pet, including everything from dentistry to flea and worm care.

Feline Behaviour

We offer consultations on feline behavior that can help you to toilet train your cats or kittens and prevent house soiling.

Teeth Care

If you pet is showing signs of dental problems, it’s important to get these checked out straight away to prevent further damage. We offer a fully dentistry service that will keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

Is my Pet in Pain?

It’s important to recognize the signs that indicate your pet is in pain, so don’t hesitate to speak to one of our team with help in identifying the signs. We can offer effective pain relief appropriate for your pet.
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